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Last week, I went to a branch to open XtraSaver account. As usual, their personal banking consultant asked me if I wanted to open their Supersalary account. I said no and told him I just wanted XtraSaver account. Then he tried to open an account for me, and suddenly he had to see his manager for some verification. About three minutes later, he told me that the burmese are disallowed to open an account. Well, they were not supposed to tell me this, and they had a right to disapprove my application without giving any reason. But it was good to hear their reason for the reject.

I just left the bank, and checked online website to see if they have any written information about this. I couldn’t find it and I sent them an email inquiring about account opening, stating my nationality and residential status.

A few days later, a girl called me and asked me to open an account at Six Battery Road. I was surprised, and she arranged me an appointment with the staff at the branch.

It was my fault I didn’t check thoroughly with her, and I blamed myself for trusting Standard Chartered Bank again. This time, I wasn’t told the reason, and I was only told due to some policies. It might the same reason. I’m not interested in their policies. All I know is Standard Chartered Bank just wasted my time and resources. The bank doesn’t seem to have connections/communication between their departments. Although I wasn’t allow to open the saving/checking account, he asked me if I was interested in Fixed Deposits. Huh. I’m done with that bank. I also should warn the nationality of Myanmar should not be wasting time going to the bank and open an account.

I understand that the burmese people can be rejected by any US or Europe financial institutions due to sanctions. If this is the case, my enquiry should be returned with negative reply so that I wouldn’t waste my time going to the standard chartered bank.

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  1. win Min says:

    A moment ago I was Vivo City Standard Charted bank branch. My company is using this bank, understood, I went to open savings account at bank. The officer went in for 3mins and came back holding my passport pointing his finger at Myanmar. He said we cannot open account for you, sorry. That’s all. I was not told specific reasons why I could not open an account. I felt humiliated. I called branch officer, and left message to speak to get more explainactions. Later he called me, with no explainactions but OUR POLICY, screw your policy. Let me advise my fellow citizens, do not ever thinking of opening an account with them, not even enquire this bank. We all are aware of stupid sanctions to Myanmar from US and EUROPEANS banks but not well trained officers at bank will make your day worst. No more Standard Chartered.

  2. Minn says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so surprised about the so-called international bank’s discrimination on us. They just forget the fact that we are working and earning our money here in Singapore.

  3. Jack Daniels says:

    Myanmar is under sanctions by UN. Perhaps the reason for the rejection is that Stanchart might not be able to arrange your savings money to be sent to Myanmar. Question – did you inform Stanchart that you don’t intend to send your money to Myanmar and that you only want to open an account? If you did that then Stanchart may have approved your account.

  4. Minn says:

    If they have that kind of policy, the bank staff should be creative enough to explain that to us. What we had was a total denial.

  5. Chan says:

    I am very sad that we getting effect of our nationality.I just went back from citibank and already fill up everything in the form in the end they notice my nationality .They said so sorry i cant apply credit card cos of my nationality even i am PR in singapore.

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