Linux Package Management

I always like to play around with new distros that I can find from Gentoo being my primary distribution, I have Arch as my second distribution. Arch also offers the flexible system. Almost every linux systems are the same in functionality and the features, and from as far as I can see, the only difference arethat how they implement the front-ends, and how they manage the packages.

With Gentoo, I am not being fancied by easy or pretty front-ends (you can say Gentoo text output is quite colorful), but I’m more interested in how to add/remove/update new software package onto the system. I don’t think anyone will content with the packages that comes with the distro. Package Management offers various ways to install/remove the software as well as update one package or the whole system. It also allows us to select software repositories which we download the packages from. These are some package management systems that usually tied to a distro and its variants:

apt-get for Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
emerge for Gentoo, Sabayon
yum for Fedora, etc.

For more information about the package management systems for linux distributions, you can always refer to those good documents:

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