“Cannot find -lGl”

I’m setting up another Gentoo on my office desktop.

My compiler on Gentoo stops at this error when compiling certain packages. I just noticed that as I tried to install binary drivers for ATI card (X1300).

I tried to re-emerge GCC, but it didn’t help. But finally I noticed the cause as I searched through the forum and the net.

It’s because of the missing symbolic to libGL.so in /usr/src.

I was using ATI drivers for OpenGL so my Gentoo symbolically linked to that library. “dri” was not working so I tried to downgrade the driver to lower version by uninstalling it. But when I did a re-install, compiler stopped there, saying it “Cannot find -lGl”.

Actually what I should have done is to switch the OpenGL library to Xorg libraries before uninstalling the ATI drivers.

Now I’m able to compile the ATI drivers, but still “dri” is not working. I need to figure it out.

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