Singaporean’s Insight into Myanmar

I just found an article titled “Myanmar Insights”, on a blog. The author seems to be a singaporean. Here are some of his comments:

  • most people sarongs (both men and women)
  • costs US$1500 to own a sim card (excluding mobile phone and calling charges)
  • limited imported cars; all mainly recycled & non-aircon
  • The buses are like lorries which ferried many
  • Myanmar uses two currencies; US and kyats (they’ve 2 exchange rates – official vs black mkt)
  • There are 3 seasons (dry & hot, wet & hot, dry & less hot – unfortunately we went in the hottest season
  • Yahoo, hotmail & gmail are prohibited
  • Women use grinded tree bark on their faces as a form or sunscreen/ makeup (see below)
  • Many speak English, and they are known to be hardworking people
  • School fees costs US$1/ month in one of the unis
  • Blackouts are a way of life
  • Many children run along roads with a baby in hand to ask for money
  • Precious stones/ gems are one of the natural resources (incl sapphire, jade, emerald, etc)

And finally his conclusion:

on a last note, this trips highlights the contrast of lifestyles in singapore vs myanmar…which appears stark to me. and i hope many of us (including myself) dont have to lose it to appreciate our country (govt setup, infrastructure, etc)

Despite these comments, there are people who did enjoy travelling to Myanmar =)

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