A Touch of Beryl

I was living with OpenBox as my Windows Manager for more than a year, and now it is time to embrace Beryl. Ever since Compiz, I tried to install and feel it on my Gentoo. It was never a success, unless I switched to another distro that supports Compiz out of the box.

Compiz is a great product of Novell to support OpenGL accelerated desktop. Eye-candy. Even Windows Vista lacks some of its features. Beryl is a fork of Compiz, and its a combination of Windows Manager and Composite Manager. Windows Manager usually decorates our X Windows, and Composite Manager tries to combine windows and images to create special effects.

Frankly speaking, I never liked my Linux Desktop looks like Microsoft Windows. But Windows Vista’s Aero feature has me hold my breath.  Especially I like Windows frame’s transparency effect. Now this feature is on my Linux Desktop.

To install Beryl, I had to upgrade my X Server to 7.2 to support AIGLX, my primary accelerator for OpenGL, without any hassle. Switched to KDE and configured KDE to use Beryl emerald as Windows Manager. Turned off KDE’s built-in effects which interferes with Beryl. Now my Gentoo desktop is coming to live with stunning effects 🙂