New Tools This Week

Edgy Eft

It’s probably the most exciting week of this year. Fedora Core 6 (Zod) was out 2 days ago, and Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) is out today. They both promise exciting new features. Although I’m not a zealous Fedora fan, I think I will try this version. Currently I’m still with Gentoo on my notebook and Ubuntu (Breezy Badger) on my desktop. I will try Fedora’s Compiz windows manager, which I can never get it working on my Gentoo and Ubuntu.


Another exciting news again is Firefox 2.0 is now available for download. Some of my plug-ins seem to stop working. I think I’ll have to wait a few more days for the plug-in’s to get updated. This week is indeed full of fun.

Lastly I became a CIW Security Professional on September 15, 2006. Still don’t know which track I should go next. Maybe MCSA, because it will make me a CIW Security Analyst. I still want to sit some programming exams like MCTS or SCJP.

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