Internet Service in Myanmar

According to the news in Vol. 2, No. 26th issue of “The Voice” weekly journal, Myanmar’s ISP, Myanmar Teleport, has changed its fees for ADSL subscription plans. The one-time installation fee for ADSL (without VoIP feature) is:

ADSL Activiation Fee 840 USD
ADSL Annual Fee 60 USD
ADSL Modem 100 USD

Monthly fees will be:

Plan Monthly fee (USD) E-mail account Speed (kbps) Monthly Traffic (MB)
Consumer 35 1 128 400

There will also be extra 50 USD for configuration cost. I don’t know what that is. Yes! It’s really 400 MB (not GB) for monthly traffic. You can compare our country’s plans to Singapore’s ADSL plans, and it’s prices (they are in SG dollars). A little bit awful, isn’t it?

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