The Rise Of Mustang and JUnit

Tiger (Java SE 5) has been out for a while. Mustang (Java SE 6) was started a year ago. Sun has been releasing weekly source and binary snapshots. So what does Mustang comprise? Its features were governed by JSR-270, which is an umbrella JSR for specific JSRs. Some major components include JDBC 4.0, JAP 1.1, JAXB 2.0, JAX-WS 2.0. Mustang will also feature Linux GTK Look And Feel (some screenshots here). To be able to interact with host OS’s default file type handlers, new Desktop API will now be incorporated, and the article about it is here. Best of all, Mustang is due fall of this year (yes, it’s approximately six months from now). Dolphin (Java SE 7) is scheduled to be shipped in the year 2008.

JUnit 4.0 has been released, supporting Java 1.5 annotations. We will no longer need to be tagging test classes by subclassing junit.framework.TestCase. Instead we can use @Test annotation. I guess it’s much simpler. Or maybe not 😉 This is an IBM’s early look into JUnit 4.

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