Favourite VoIPs and Google Blog Search

eBay, owner of Paypal, is buying Skype, one of the leading VoIP companies, in 2.6 billion dollars. Google just launched Talk. Microsoft acquired Teleo, which allowed customers to use their PC to make VoIP calls to cell phones, regular phone or PCs.

I wonder how eBay would use Skype in its services. It also restricts access to use its services from certain countries. By now, I can still make VoIP calls with Skype, but now I’m starting to worry about next Skype’s services. But we still have some more VoIP services like Gizmo and OpenWengo, an Open Source software with SIP serivce; Skype doesn’t rely on open standards like SIP.

Finally, Google’s new Blog Search service is now in its beta.

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