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JBuilder is a power tool to create great java applications, as it gives tools to design GUI in an easy manner. If you are not a fan of JBuilder, and want to write applications using simple editors, you might want to have a GUI Builder for Java. Of course, you can hand-code your GUI, but does it worth giving time?

I have come across AbaGUIBuilder while in search for those designers. It’s a product of Abacus OpenSource Software Foundation.

The Abacus GUI Builder is a tool designed to aid the application developer in delivering their applications faster to the market by removing the Java layout complexity with a WYSIWYG and a simple XY layout.
Abacus Research developed the GUI Builder to aid their 50+ application programmers eliminate frustrating hours of complex layout user interface logic and thus simplifying each screen to an XY coordinate plane.

The Java GUI Builder is a WYSIWYG tool that allows the application developer to place UI Java swing components on the canvas and have it render exactly as you see on the screen.

Due to the various Java layouts, other Java GUI Builders are cumbersome and complicated, our goal was to simpifly the UI development task and help the application developer speed up UI creation.

V 1.1 a set of JDBC database aware components was added to the class pallette.

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