XFce, Gnome and Nautilus

I used Gnome as my desktop environment three months ago, and I completely switched to XFce for its speediness, and many other things. But when I first made the switch, I started to find out that Nautilus is not executing the exact way as it does with Gnome. I gradually realized that I have to execute Nautilus with

nautilus --no-desktop --browser

to work like before. And again the icons were not being displayed as I had set with


After googl-ing for a few minutes, I found out that XFce uses hicolor icons instead of the icon set defined in Gnome. So I made a symbolic link to my favourite icon set as hicolor, and finally it worked again.

# cd /usr/share/icons
# mv hicolor hicolor.old
# ln -s gartoon hicolor

Now my Nautilus is displaying files in my favourite icon set.

My Screenie